Swivel Mirror


Elevate your space with the Swivel Mirror, an embodiment of practicality and refined aesthetics. This full-length mirror is designed for those who appreciate the convenience of a versatile, space-saving solution without sacrificing style.

Key Features:

Full-Length View: Offers a head-to-toe reflection, ideal for dressing and grooming, ensuring you look impeccable for any occasion.
Swivel Functionality: The mirror effortlessly pivots, allowing you to adjust the angle to your preference and capture the best light.
Space-Efficient Design: Its sleek, wall-mounted profile occupies minimal space, perfect for compact living areas.
Contemporary Style: With a simple and elegant frame, it enhances the modern appeal of your interior.
Sturdy Mounting: Securely attached to the wall, the mirror provides stability and durability, even with daily use.
The Swivel Mirror is not just a mirror; it's a functional piece of art that complements the sophistication of your home, making it a must-have for those who value form and function.

Mirror Height: 51 7/8"
Mirror Width: 13 3/8"

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